Our Projects.

This year we have exciting projects in the works to help support our veteran community.  Kids 4 Vets will continue our commitment to the Heart of America Stand Down, by collecting supplies for the fall Stand Down. We are also excited to have a special guest speaker come to our school to discuss some obstacles facing returning veterans. Finally, we have a new blog, with special interviews with local veterans and their family members coming soon. 

Project 1. Prairie Elementary Stand Down Collection - 2019

Over the last four years, with the help of the Prairie Elementary family and friends, as well as local business, and my family I started a toiletry collection to support the Heart of America Stand Down. The school collection became a small volunteer competition among each grade to see who could collect the most supplies. The winning grades were rewarded with a hot chocolate and donut party. Best of all we collected a lot of donations for veterans in need.  This fall, Prairie Elementary will start it's 5th Heart of America Stand Down Collection.  All donations will be distributed on November 8th, 2019 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. Please click here for more information about the Stand Down Collection at Prairie, or for a complete list of toiletries. To contribute directly to the Heart of America Stand Down please visit our Donate page.

Project 3. The Veterans Blog:
Q & A with local veterans

This upcoming blog will include questions from kids to veterans about their military service. Please check out my first Veterans Q & A blog about my own "Grandpa Advisors", where I ask my Army and Navy Grandpas to share their military experience and answer the question: "What Does Memorial Day mean to you?". If you have any questions you would like to ask a vet, please feel free to email me at info@kids4vets.com