Our Projects.

This year we have exciting projects in the works to help support our veteran community.  Kids 4 Vets will continue our commitment to the Heart of America Stand Down, by collecting supplies for the fall Stand Down. We are also excited to have a special guest speaker come to our school to discuss some obstacles facing returning veterans. Finally, we have a new blog, with special interviews with local veterans and their family members coming soon. 

Project 1. Stand Down - 2021

Unfortunately, both the fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Stand Downs were canceled due to the pandemic but now that a vaccine has been developed and the number of case are going down I am optimistic that the Fall 2021 Stand Down will be happening! Now that I am in 8th grade, I am hoping to double collection efforts in both Middle School and Prairie Elementary.

Lemonde Picture.jpg
Project 2. Lemonade 4 Veterans

What is one thing that's on the bucket list every summer? Running a lemonade stand! This summer my brother, myself, and our neighbors decided to run alemonade stand and donate all of the money to the stand down.

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Project 3. Volunteering at the VCP