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Home For The Holidays - Winter 2022

On November 22nd, 2022, Kids4Vets took up the task of decorating the Heroes Home Gate residence, in Kansas City, Missouri, for the holidays. Heroes Home Gate is the same organization Kids4Vets worked with years ago to install a rock garden. This is an incredible organization that offers transitional housing for veterans. They have two locations, a residential home that houses up to 10 veterans (only male), as well as an apartment complex housing 18 additional veterans (both male and female). Heroes Home Gate is also expanding to include a new complex to house even more veterans, and is set to begin construction in 2023. The new complex is being built next to the original residential location.

After learning about the possibility of decorating the house, we jumped at the opportunity. After hours of shopping and preparing decorations, we were ready to go! With the help of organization founder, Joel Bailey, a group of four Kids4vets volunteers, my parents and I spent three hours turning the house into a winter wonderland. To get a glimpse of our Heroes Home Gate decorating experience, see the gallery above. For more information about Heroes Home Gate and their mission click here and please consider donating.


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